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Welcome to the Revenue Analytics Collaborative

The Revenue Analytics Collaborative (RAC) is a private, anonymous network of business and financial professionals, who own, support, and analyze Commercial, Government, Gross-to-Net (GTN), and Trade/Channel data, processes, and systems in life sciences companies.

The RAC facilitates sharing, learning, benchmarking, and networking with its 800 members, spanning more than 225 manufacturers.

Our collective intelligence is powerful!


How does the Revenue Analytics Collaborative work?


Capitalize on the collective knowledge of the RAC membership by posting questions about hot topics as well as data, processes, or systems in our Collabs forum.


Periodically, we’ll post anonymous polls to RAC members. Members are encouraged to respond or can choose to just follow the process.


RAC members can add comments and insights to queries posted in Collabs–the collaboration forum–to collectively learn and share. 

GTN 2022 Benchmark Report

The RAC began surveying its members seven year ago to document GTN successful practices and trends. Find out how much has changed in the published Gross-To-Net 2022 Benchmark Report, and thank you for your input.  


Colleague Connect  Series

These informative sessions are open, anonymous dialogues on pressing issues in the life sciences industry held solely between RAC members, industry experts, and our RAC facilitator.

Register for the 2023 Winter Series 

Save the Date for Access Insights 2023

Join us at next year’s Access Insights Conference, November 6-8 2023, in Orlando Florida. Registration will open in April, 2023. 


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Collabs Hot Topics

The RAC Collabs, our collaboration forum, includes hundreds of posts and sharing threads covering the following topics.

Commercial including Managed Care, Part D, GPO/Hospitals, Specialty Pharmacy & Government including MDRP, 340B, VA/DoD

  • Data and Contract Management
  • Contract Strategy
  • Pre-Deal Analytics
  • Adjudication Process & Methodology


  • Rebate and Chargeback Forecasting by Segment (Commercial/Government), by Channel (Managed Care, Part D, MDRP, SPAPs, etc.) by Product, and by Customer
  • Modeling and Scenario Planning of key industry market events, hot topics or mandated regulations
  • Forecasting of GTN line items including Returns and Sales Allowances
  • Balance Sheet Management and Reconciliation
  • Accounting & Forecasting for new contracting segments/channels, healthcare legislation, government regulations, and more