About the RAC

Our Mission

The mission of the Revenue Analytics Collaborative is to facilitate timely and anonymous knowledge sharing amongst Life Sciences industry colleagues working in Commercial Contracting, Government Pricing, Gross-to-Net and Trade/Channel business and financial roles.

Today, we are 800-member-strong, spanning more than 225 manufacturers. Join us today!

Collaborate, Learn, Network

The RAC facilitates timely and relevant knowledge sharing via the following programs.

  • Collab – Our Collab forum includes hundreds of discussion topics. Members can add Collab queries, which remain anonymous. 
  • Collab Response – RAC industry colleagues can comment and share knowledge to Collab queries. The forum is designed to promote knowledge sharing and discussion.
  • Colleague Connect – We’ll help connect you to colleagues in the RAC on a specific hot topic or industry issue/concern. The RAC facilitator can connect two manufacturers 1:1 or conduct an open discussion for all RAC members. Request here.
  • Lunch & Learn – Our RAC facilitator brings lunch to a manufacturer site to discuss and benchmark on-the-fly their data, processes, systems, and methodologies as well as discuss hot topic specific to their business. Request here.
  • Webinars – IntegriChain subject matter experts share knowledge and industry insights on specific hot topics such as 340B, readying for launch, leveraging distribution data in GTN, and more! Check out our schedule and replays here.
  • RAC Summit – We host Roundtable Discussion Events during which RAC members come together to learn, share and network. Our annual flagship Summit is now part of IntegriChain’s Access Insights Conference this year in October in Atlanta/Buckhead. Learn more and register here.

Who Should Join the Revenue Analytics Collaborative?

The RAC comprises Life Sciences business and financial professionals who own, support and analyze Commercial, Government, GTN, and Trade/Channel data, processes and systems in the following areas.

  • Pricing & Contracting
  • Pre-Deal Analytics & Performance Monitoring
  • Rebate & Chargeback Management & Adjudication
  • Trade & Channel Executives
  • Government Pricing Reporting & Analytics
  • GTN Channel Forecasting & Scenario Modeling
  • GTN Accrual & Balance Sheet Management, Reporting & Analytics