RAC Colleague Connect

RAC Connect: Spring Series

Join us for the latest RAC Colleague Connect Spring Series. These informative sessions are open dialogues on pressing issues in the life sciences industry. Conversations have the option to be anonymous and are solely between RAC members, industry experts, and our RAC facilitator.

Provide your perspectives on GTN challenges, processes, and practices in your organization ahead of the Colleague Connect Series by participating in our annual GTN Benchmark Survey.

Inventory Roll-Forward & Analytics

Monday, May 9th, 11 am-12 pm EST

Have you ever tried to reconcile wholesaler data such as gross sales, 852, and 867? If it doesn’t always ‘roll’ or ‘tie-out’, you are not alone. The industry often struggles to obtain the right data sets, perform roll-forward analyses, and troubleshoot to understand the root cause of variances. In this Colleague Connect discussion, we’ll share data sets and best practices you can leverage to prepare a successful inventory roll-forward analysis and ways to address common issues with inventory data.

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Industry Update:  Government Budget & Regulation Impacts

Monday, May 16th, 11 am-12 pm EST

What does the Government have in store for the pharmaceutical industry in 2022? Join us to discuss the latest status and perceived impacts of the following industry’s regulatory landscape:

  • New Line Extension (LE) definitions
  • Copay programs that may impact Best Price 
  • Inclusion of US territories in Medicaid calculations
  • Multiple Best Prices for value-based contracts
  • URA cap at AMP will be eliminated
  • Drug Pricing Reforms, including Limited Medicare price negotiations, Coverage Gap redesign, Part B and D inflation rebates, $35 monthly cap on insulin 

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Contract Analytics & Performance Monitoring

Monday, May 23rd, 11:30 am-12:30 pm EST

Negotiations for a rebate or contract price with a third party are productive when the manufacturer is equipped with data-driven insights such as contract analytics and continuous performance monitoring. Join us to share and learn successful practices to identify deal profitability and break even. Understand the multi-levers that drive contract profitability to measure what success looks like.  We will also share performance monitoring practices that enable manufacturers to continuously track contract ROI.


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GTN Methodology Share

Monday, June 13th, 11 am-12 pm EST

GTN lines are unique with different data sources, lag times, and nuances based on the individual needs of each company. Join us as we explore the various methodology options for each GTN line, and share the methods and calculations leveraged to accrue or forecast Medicaid rebates, Federal Chargebacks, Coverage Gap, or any other GTN lines. Colleagues are welcome to join in the conversation or simply listen and learn from industry experts.


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GTN Analogs: The Gold Standard of Audit Excellence

Tuesday, June 27th, 11 am-12 pm EST

New product launches and even mature, in-line products may benefit from analog data sets to strengthen their GTN accruals and provide confidence to management and auditors. But manufacturers often face issues such as:

  • Which GTN lines can benefit from analog data sets?
    Where can you find or purchase analogs?
    How do I weave analogs into my methodologies?
    Join us as we share successful tips for accessing and leveraging analogs within GTN processes and methodologies.

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